Bluewater Bay Sailing Club


The Sailor-Of-The-Year award and trophy is to be awarded to the one BBSC skipper who has given maximum performance and participation in the annual BBSC program from the First of January through the last BBSC racing event of the year. All criteria are to be objective. This award shall be based upon total points (120 maximum) earned in six categories according to the following formula. To be eligible for points, the skipper must be the designated skipper in all racing and cruising events and must be a member of the BBSC. Sailors are not eligible for "Sailor Of The Year" more than two consecutive years. All eligible sailors must serve as race committee for at least one BBSC regatta during the season.


  1. To qualify for points in this category, a skipper must earn racing scores in at least seven (7) of the BBSC race events scheduled and conducted which utilize a recognized handicap system as de ned below. A racing score is de ned as the nishing position a skipper receives once registered and paid entry fees for the event. That is, one-day regattas count as one score with the nal position used for scoring even if more than one race is sailed in that day. All one- day events will count as one score. In the event a two-day regatta is scheduled, each day of racing will result in one score with the nal position for that day being the basis for that day's score. Small boat regattas will count as one score based on the overall nishing results for each regatta. If a eet is comprised of two or more classes, then the skipper will receive scores based on his/her standing computed for presentation of trophies within each class, regardless of the overall standings within the eet. Only events using PHRF, PORTSMOUTH handicap, or CLASS rules (i.e. LASERS, SUNFISH, etc.) shall be tabulated in the skippers' annual average. Wednesday night fun races do not count toward the race performance score. For the purpose of this award criterion the Challenge Cup will be considered as a BBSC race since BBSC is a co-sponsor of this event.

  2. Standings are computed using the average low point scores for all races entered where the average score is equal to the total points accumulated divided by the total number of races entered. For purposes of these calculations:

    (1) 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 3 points and so on.

    (2) DNS and DSQ score points equal to the total paid entries in that class plus one.

    (3) DNF scores points equal to the total paid entries in that class.

  3. Points are awarded to all qualified skippers using the following formula:

    60/(Skipper's Racing Average) * (% of races) = Total Points

    This will result in each skipper receiving a certain percentage of the 60 points multiplied by the percentage of eligible BBSC races. For calculation purposes the average should be rounded to two decimal points. The eligible races shall be selected by the Bridge as early as possible in the calendar year and provided to the club membership.

    The following races are eligible for race performance scores:

    2018:JAM Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6; Small Boat Regattas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7; Spring Regatta, Sailfest, Challenge Cup, Round-the-Bay Race (East), Round-the-Bay Race (West),Double Handed Race, & Grand Finale. Any races canceled will modify the calculation as if the event was never scheduled.

2. BBSC RACE PARTICIPATION (20 Points Maximum)

One point shall be awarded for each day of racing regardless of the nal position so long as the race was sponsored by BBSC up to a maximum of 20 points. A series race entered in conjunction with a one-day regatta counts as one point. Races qualifying for participation shall consist of the races defined in paragraph 1.


One (1) point shall be awarded to each Wednesday race entered regardless of nal position up to a maximum of 6 points. The skipper is responsible for notifying the Vice Commodore of his/her participation.


Five (5) points will be awarded when a person/skipper performs Shore (Race) Committee duties, with 10 points being the maximum. Only BBSC sponsored events apply. Only those races requiring entry fees shall be considered for points in this category. For a Skipper to qualify in this category, he/she must remain on shore or on a committee boat for the entire event. The Shore Committee skipper will also receive one (1) Race Participation point (#2 above) for each Shore Committee he/she performs.


  1. Two (2) points will be awarded for each scheduled BBSC cruise participated in as skipper. This category shall have a maximum of 14 points.

  2. Cruises included in this category are all those listed on the BBSC calendar of events as cruises. The Rear Commodore's Log will contain the names of all participants, and shall be the final authority.

  3. To qualify for points in this category, the skipper must participate using his/her own boat (sail or power) and remain overnight for at least one night on each overnight cruise.


Two points per event will be awarded for participation (as skipper) in racing events not sponsored by the BBSC. Examples are: DORC, WFORC, Fort Walton Yacht Club Regatta, or any other such race. Registered skippers only shall receive points in this category, crewing does not qualify for points. The skipper is responsible for notifying the Vice Commodore of his/her participation.


A committee designated by the BBSC Commodore will be formed to total all the points for each skipper in accordance with this criteria at the completion of the sailing season. The skipper earning the highest total point count shall be selected as the SAILOR-OF-THE-YEAR. The presentation shall be made at the Annual Fall Awards Banquet. The name of the winner shall not be revealed by the Bridge or the Selection Committee prior to the formal announcement.

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