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Download: Sailor of the Year Scorecard


The Sailor-Of-The-Year trophy is to be awarded to one BBSC member in each category (male, female, junior) based on performance and participation in the annual BBSC racing program throughout the year. All BBSC members are eligible, whether sailing as skipper or crew.

Sailors will accumulate points based on the finish position of the boat on which they are sailing for a given event. Overall finish position will be used unless classes are split and start separately, or if the class is scored separately (ie., BCR handicap). The BBSC sailor with the highest point total will be recognized as Sailor of the Year.

PHRF Races: 11 races - See Scorecard

Small Boat Races: 10 races - See Scorecard

BBSC Race Committee Duty - Sailors must perform Race Committee duties for BBSC sponsored event at least once during the year to qualify for Sailor of the Year. (Wet Wednesdays are not included.)

Scoring: Of the 21 total races, a sailor’s best 14 will count toward Sailor of the Year scoring. If only 20 are held, 13 will count

19  —  13
18 12
17 11
16 11

Each race day will be scored as follows:

1st 10 pts
2nd 9
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th + 3

A sailor performing race committee duty shall be scored for that day using an average of all races sailed. A sailor may get an average score for one PHRF and one small boat race day.

To assist with the logistics of scoring, it is expected that sailors will log their own results using the Sailor of the Year Scorecard throughout the year, and submit to the Fleet Captain periodically.

Download: Sailor of the Year Scorecard

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